Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Some people at work (in Frankfort) dressed up today. Two of them seemed uncannily suited for the costumes they picked out. One guy, who has a baby-face and squeaky clean looks, came as a baseball player ( I couldn't help but think Little League ). The other guy has razor sharp features and flinty eyes, which completed his pirate outfit. He even brought his parrot.
People are trying to determine if Rupp Arena is haunted :


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Jenni's shower was a success. She got lots of cuddly baby things and other items that you ooh and aah over without any real understanding of what they're for. I guess I have to wait until it happens to me (something Debbie wishes would happen tomorrow).
Sue cooked, Amanda did the games, and I decorated. I was particularly pleased with the centerpieces I did, copper roses and rose hips in a teapot and red vase. Jenni kept commenting on the decorations, so I'm glad I set the mood. She loves fall, so we went with an autumnal decor.