Tuesday, June 19, 2007

So Dwain's off doing fantastic things on his and Miah's cross-country trip, and the most I can blog about is starting a new job today--the learning experience there isn't quite as pleasurable as the learning one gains through travel.

They pretty much threw me in the deep end and had me start cataloging right away. There really isn't any other way to learn, but all the same, I feel a little bone-dry, as if everything I've ever learned has just turned to sand and slipped through my fingers.

I think I'll enjoy it there. My fellow co-workers are quirky and have a good sense of humor--that tends to be a good combination.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Well, we don't have a particular dresser anymore. The pieces are sitting in the new apartment, waiting for re-purposing.

This is very funny--I am the kind of person that laughs when these kinds of things happen, because what else can you do?

We were moving our buffet and the tall dresser I've had forever. We loaded them in the back of Jon's truck, put the drawers back in, and Jon roped everything together. The thinking was that tying all the drawer handles together would keep them from coming out during the drive to the new place.

Ha! We came to the intersection of S. Broadway and High Street--which is a small incline, as well, and Jon slowed to a crawl to make the left-hand turn. I had a bad feeling and looked in the passenger side door. Sure enough, I could only watch as the dresser tilted ominously and the drawers start to slide out. Before I could say anything, the whole thing tipped out of the trunk and smashed open in the outbound lane of Broadway (which was very busy as it was rush hour). Jon, scientist that he is, theorized that the weight of the drawers contributed to the spectacular fall. Since they were all tied together, it took just one drawer inching out of place to pull the rest of the drawers open with it, and the whole dresser followed suit.

Thankfully, Allie and Josh were right behind us and able to pull the worst of the stuff out of traffic's way. We tried to clear off as much stuff as possible (it was mostly my trinkets and odds and ends that had fallen out), but there will be a patch of Broadway that will smell like patouchli for a while.

I am in love. We saw a gorgeous dog at Miguels near the Red River Gorge. He looked like a wolf, with a long narrow muzzle, keen eyes, and a powerful body on long elegant legs. Standing on all fours, he came to about mid-thigh on me--a big dog! He had a ruff of shaggy grey fur, much like lion's mane, around his shoulders. He was extremely laid back and offered his head for me to pet. (Jon and his parents stayed far behind me).

Allie thinks he may have been a Native American Indian dog. He looked a bit more wolfish, and much larger, though.

This is the kind of dog I would like to have with me on a farm, or out hiking.
My, what a surprise... (though Dwain always said I reminded him of Emma)

I am Elinor Dashwood!

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My post on The Fountain was a bit short because Autumn demanded my attention at that very moment. She is starting to want your attention all the time, and just because.

Dwain said on his post that this movie was supposed to be romantic, but lacked the romance. I thought Jackman and Weisz were excellent actors, but the script/the story/whatever just did not engage me. The Fountain is a reference to the fountain of youth, so the idea of immortality is intriguing, but the movie failed to combine the romance and this idea in a satisfactory way.
Apparently there's "nothing" wrong with the car. We are starting to get a little suspicious. The last time we took the car in, there was a very noticeable odd odor and the brakes were rumbling beneath your foot. When we went in to pick it up, they said they couldn't find anything wrong with it. The odor was gone, and the brakes completely smooth...
This time, the car died on me when I was speeding up to merge onto the interstate. Not very fun. So even though they say there's "nothing" wrong with it, I am a little leery of driving it. For all I know, maybe it will decide to conk out on me out in the middle of Madison County.