Friday, April 14, 2006

The husband of one of my friends is quite against celebrating holidays of any kind, because he feels the celebration detracts from "the reason of the season", so to speak. He hurt her feelings when he stared at the Easter basket she lovingly assembled for him and said, "I don't want that. Easter isn't about Easter bunnies and candy."
She laid into him with a lecture that celebrations of holidays are good things, that they encourage children's imaginations and give them hope. It made me think: kids don't fully grasp the meaning of holidays, but they will notice how much care you put into making some days more special than others. Someday that will translate into some food for thought as they start to comprehend exactly why particular days are celebrated.

Last night Sue had us paint eggs, and she gave us baskets with jelly beans and peeps. It was quite enjoyable. Jenni and I, being more "artsy", tried to get creative with colors, with the result of some eggs looking like they'd been dunked in mud. Sue, on the other hand, fastidiously soaked each and every one of her eggs in one color each and they all turned out marvelously bright. It's like a rainbow in a box.

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dwain said...

This is honestly the 4th time I've tried to post this! Throughout the attempts, I've tried different versions of a joke and included some news, but I'm a little jaded by the experience, so here you go:

1) Your friend's husband is cool. Holidays are a frigging joke, especially those which revolve around memorializing the dead and Christian ones. Bunnies are pagan!

2) I spoke with a colleague of mine who had a class with you last semester (catalog or something).

I'm done. I think the secret word of the day really captures what I feel about this entire ordeal: JFZWJQU!!!!!