Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I am taking a break from researching: ("polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons" or "aromatic hydrocarbons") AND "soil remediation"
Make sense? I thought so, and here I am, an English major. How did I ever end up in a job like this? What amazes me is that one of the girls I helped out has thought so highly of me that she's recommended me to a coworker of hers, hence my new project of PAHs. That's one of the neat things about librarianship--being able to find stuff, regardless of how well you might actually know the subject.

I am rereading Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. It's one of my favorite series ever. People think Pullman is heretical, when he's really just forcing you to think about things.

This is one of the errors that many Christians, however well-intentioned, commit. They denounce books as heretical without actually reading them, without pausing to consider the questions they raise. This ignorance has contributed greatly to society's bias against Christians. Who wants anything to do with people who appear to be deliberately ignorant, who approach issues with opinions already formed, ears already deaf to what the other side has to say? Even though there are people like this in all walks of life, the spotlight is on Christians.


dwain said...

And a bright spotlight it is.

I'm glad to hear you recommend Pullman's works; I'd been waiting to hear a recommendation before buying them.

dwain said...

I need help learning how to find articles online. I never had a class that taught me how to research; I was expected to know how to.

Laura said...

You know, that was something I was just thinking about. In high school, I was taught to research using encyclopedias, paper products, never the internet. Then in college, the only teacher who did any kind of "introduction" to research was Dr. Gobin, for one class, in which he showed us some databases available through the Kinlaw Library.
That's very odd. I think they should have required all beginning students to take a one-time class in research at the library, just to get us familiar with the resources available. Now that I've had some library classes, I know what's available, and that feeling of "Knowledge is power" is quite intoxicating. :)
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