Saturday, November 04, 2006

(It's an animal theme...)

There are skunks laying on the road, plumes of gore spilling elegantly from their sides, like crimson sashes falling open. I can't help but notice how many of these unfortunate victims lay as if asleep, undamaged paws tucked under their furry chins.

That smoky cat that lives in the nice house several doors down was lurking in the landscaping, its wispy fur mingling with the color of the dark earth so much that I double-checked to see whether I was imaging those yellow eyes floating in the bush. He appeared slightly miffed that I saw him, and turned his head to watch me pass, triangle of pink tongue delicately pinpointing his chin. (Everytime I see him, his tongue is sticking out...)

One day we thought we had lost Pope and were checking and rechecking the closets and under the bed and chairs in mounting panic (for he almost always comes dashing out whenever we call his name). As a last resort, I started poking the tangled bedsheets and uncovered his nest. He had burrowed into the covers and made a flannel cave exactly his size and shape. When I lifted the sheets to peer in, heat radiated out in waves.

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