Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How people are

For the sake of storytelling, I'm going to name the cantankerous older lady 'Fanny.'

For once, I successfully helped Fanny on Saturday. Instead of leaving in supreme annoyance at me, muttering about who knows what, she accepted the article without complaint and walked away. I had asked the other librarians at the library what exactly it is that she wants from us, just so I could have a framework within which to place her incoherent jumblings (i.e. I can safely assume that she will not be talking about the exotic flora of Hawaii or the dingos of Australia). It turns out that she wants us to read out-loud the headlines from newspapers of the various places she has lived, like Chicago, Louisville, etc. So when she came in muttering, then randomly interjected "Hit Maysville" (Maysville is another place she has lived) in the midst of these ramblings, I was prepared.

Apparently, she must think that the internet is accessible by a button that can somehow read your brain telepathically, so that when you "hit" it, what you desire magically shows up on the screen. Hence her impatience over the fact that you must TYPE everything in.

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