Sunday, April 27, 2008

Daydreaming a book

When my brain started going cross-eyed at the reference desk last week, I allowed myself to daydream a little, to work the snarls out of my thoughts before they turned into a gordian knot and I would end up staring dumbly at patrons asking questions such as: "Do you have any books on cats?"

This is what I did: imagined who would play who in a movie adaptation of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Susanna Clarke's doorstopper of a book on an alternative history of England in which magic returns in the nineteenth century (think Tolkien meets Austen).

Jonathan Strange, young, impetuous magician -- Christian Bale

Mr Norrell, stodgy magician -- Ian Holm

Gentleman with the thistledown hair, fairy king of Lost Hope -- David Bowie

Arabella Strange, patient wife -- Kate Winslet

Lady Emma Pole, condemned to live half her life (she spends her days in England, her evenings in Faerie) at Lost Hope after Mr Norrell bargains with the Gentleman with the thistledown hair to bring her back to life -- Keira Knightley

John Uskglass, The Raven King, the mysterious father of magic in England -- Johnny Depp

One of the fae, a faerie we meet in Lost Hope whose dress is made up of beetles -- Nicole Kidman


dwain said...

Um, that's a pretty A-list cast... Good luck!

Laura said...

One can dream...