Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A name you can call your own

Jon's thesis is cataloged now.

Anyone can find the record, not only in UK's catalog, but also on Worldcat (see the link in the right-hand column). His name has an authority record now, which means that no other catalog record can have his name assigned to it unless he actually created the thing that is being cataloged.

Wow, that's lovely and amazing, and I'm sure this post reveals what a library geek I am.

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closer said...

Hi Laura -

I was just glancing over at your sidebar and saw the reference to Kentucky genealogy, clicked on it, and saw it was Footnote. We were just in Wayne County last week, where I did a little research at the library on family who settled there in the early 1800s. Sorry we didn't get up your way...wanted to see the Lincoln stuff on the way home so went through Louisville both ways. Anyway, would you recommend Footnote over I have thus far avoided joining a service (yes, I'm cheap), but am wondering if it's time, seeing that I've hit a few brick walls. What do you think?

Carol Sch.