Friday, April 03, 2009

Jon and his bike

I think Jon is determined to cover his face with scars, emblems of the hold his bike has on him. He and his friend went out for a short ride in the North Carolina mountains, and he missed a turn (didn't see it coming). Rather than go over the side of the road (which would have been quite a drop, considering what it was winding through), he forced the back wheel to lock up and promptly fell over.

Perhaps it's an art, a useful ability to have, to force your bike to "fall over". But it always seems that, no matter how hard you try, it's the face that bears the brunt of impact. In this case, as in the previous incident (the run-in with the van), his helmet strap cut into his chin.

We decided he didn't need stitches. Instead of a band-aid, we applied super-glue. Instead of a wound, it looks like he has a deformity, a cluster of cancerous skin cells.

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