Thursday, August 27, 2009

England on my mind

Some things I want to see in England:

Hadrian's Wall, which the Roman Emperor built in the 2th century as barrier against the barbarians of the North (I seem to be married to one, by the way)

Ravens residing at the Tower of London (legend goes that should the ravens ever leave the Tower of London, then it, the British crown, and the British kingdom will fall)

Lindisfarne Priory on Lindisfarne, or Holy Island, off the far northeast coast of England

Durham, home of the Norman cathedral built around 1100 AD

Tolkien's home in Oxford

and more, much more!


dwain said...

When are you going?

Laura said...

We're shooting for middle of June, during Jon's summer break. At least 2 weeks; I'd like 3 weeks.

dwain said...

Awesome! Very jealous! Don't quite have the chutzpah or moolah to travel to England for a walking tour. From your bookmarks and your photo-links, you're sure to have a great time.