Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday evening

Bloggy readers - I have been remiss in my posts.  Simply put, after a day of working on the computer, I'm rather reluctant to spend any more time on the computer when I get home.  I'd rather stare out the window at the black steers moving slow as the tide over the pasture out back and let my eyes move out of pixel dimensions back into the real world.  Or crochet as I let my mind wander--it's strangely relaxing how creating purposeful knots (which is what crocheting is all about) works out the kinks in your mind.  Or read.  I'm always reading.  I devour books: it's what I do.

So I'm trying to jot my thoughts down during the day so I'll have something to post, rather than staring at a computer screen for another hour at the end of the day trying to think of something to tell you all.

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