Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ancestors' hearts

It was Health Fair day at my place of work.  Along with a gauntlet of booths setup by various health-care providers and campus departments, they offered free fitness screenings.  This was an amusing experience, as you had to divulge your height and weight, and in return learn about your blood pressure, endurance capabilities, BMI, and body fat percentage.  The assistants were doing everything in their power to keep my weight and body fat percentage secret in the crowded room, by turns mumbling or pointing at the information.  I could have cared less.  I weigh more than J. (165 to his 160), and have an high body fat percentage compared to his (26% to 9%).  No big deal. 
I was curious to discover that I have borderline high blood pressure, though.  I'm pretty healthy--I exercise almost everyday and eat reasonably decent meals.  I could stand to lose a few pounds, but that's the situation of a lot people.  But it's slightly unnerving to discover that there's something wrong with me in spite of the fact that I'm conscientious about my health.  This is certainly a gift from both sides of my family. 
Thanks to my ancestors!


Jenni said...

I have my ancestors to thank for that too!

Natalie said...

Dear Laura,
Oh, please do keep tabs on it. Ihave it too and it is terribly destructive. So glad to see you today and thoroughly enjoying your blog. The Holy Saturday post was so musical: tell me, do you know if it was part of a sung liturgy?
Very best,

Laura said...

It's quite likely that this was part of a sung liturgy. I found it on the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America website. For samples of their liturgy, check out the Hymns tab.
Having been raised in the Evangelical Free denomination, I find the Eastern Orthodox Church fascinating.