Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Exploring Old Inverlochy Castle

We took a day off from serious hiking and walked to Old Inverlochy Castle along the Great Glen Way.

Old Inverlochy Castle-01
We passed a elderly gentleman, complete with tweed jacket and corduroy slacks, out for a leisurely stroll.

Old Inverlochy Castle-06
We completely missed the castle and did not realize our mistake until we crossed River Lochy and looked back to admire Ben Nevis.  What a pretty picture the castle makes with the Ben in the background!

Old Inverlochy Castle-31
The castle was surprisingly intact for dating back to the 13th century and going through lots of wear and tear in the meantime (several battles, plenty of forceful takeovers, etc.).

Old Inverlochy Castle-10
We walked around the courtyard imagining the hustle and bustle that would have taken place here way back when.

Old Inverlochy Castle-29
I climbed crumbling stairs.

Old Inverlochy Castle-28
Jon sat.

Old Inverlochy Castle-37
We walked around the perimeter and imagined where the moat would have been.

Old Inverlochy Castle-23
These lovely flowers blanketed the courtyard.

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