Friday, October 07, 2005

Here's some pictures of Jon racing. In the top picture, he is the the blue guy furthest to the left, or third person from the front. In the bottom picture, he is the second guy from the right, in orange glasses. These pictures don't do road racing justice. You can't hear the rush of the group zipping by, like an angry swarm of bees, or watch as they all prepare to sprint like mad to the finish (it was a mad sprint that caused one of Jon's accidents where he was literally flipped head-over-heels over his bike handlebars after his front wheel touched the back wheel of a biker in front of him).
This is one of those things that marriage does to you. You find yourself quite interested in something that you would never have paid any attention to otherwise. (Jon just told me he knows the name of Vermeer's famous picture "The Girl with the Pearl Earring" because of me, so it goes both ways).

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