Monday, July 10, 2006

Jon and I have discovered two delicious restaurants lately.

Ali Baba's, a Mediterranean grocery off Southland Dr., across from Good Foods, has a little cafe in the back that serves Shikh kebabs and other Mediterranean foods at a very affordable price. The food is almost comparable to Oasis. The servers there are very nice. I know that's odd to note, but one feels like it's an old-time cafe where everyone knows each other well.

Fusion Cafe is a new Vietnamese restaurant that opened on Versailles road (the neon yellow building can't be missed). They have some ununsual food items (like raw beef and tripe), but their grilled meats are very good. The sauce they use to marinate the meat is fabulous. Next time we go, I'm going to try one of their soups (if I can force myself to forgo their grilled beef dish).


dwain said...

I used to go to Ali Baba's when it was called Sahara, and then I went there about a month ago and got a shwarma that turned my insides out. I didn't get the shwarma sandwich (which is what I wanted) and the plate they brought was enough to feed mighty Thor!

Thanks for the recommendations! If you ever go to Louisville, I recommend stopping by Palermo Viejo, an Argentinian churrasqueria with decent prices for more than decent food.

Laura said...

Well, Jon & I will certainly have to try it out. We're all for trying out new things, though we sometimes stick in a rut and go to old favorites, like Kashmir's or Oasis.
Maybe I'm asking a stupid question, but what kind of food is Argentinian food? The only foods from south of the border I'm familiar with is the Tex-Mex stuff, and Rincon's Mexican food.