Friday, July 21, 2006

Jon and I aren't going back to Asheville any time soon. The free spirit, hippie-ish atmosphere was a little much for us. What was particularly annoying was the number of "beggars" we encountered. Some guy came up to Jon and asked him to buy him a beer. Another guy, a well-dressed skater covered in expensive jewelry, asked us for change.
I don't know why I found that so annoying, almost to the point of being insulted. I could only think of the true homeless people I've encountered here in Lexington, who truly could use some help.

Jon's friend presented a short history of Asheville. Back in the heyday of the "back to the land" movement, hippies moved to the mountains of North Carolina, wanting to encounter mountain culture and live off the land. Well, they found out that mountain culture didn't fit their romantic ideals, and that living off the land was hard, so they all went to Asheville.

Asheville had some neat craft stores that I would definitely like to visit again: Earth Guild, Purl's Yarn Emporium, and Chevron Bead Trading Post. They also had a neat little restaurant, Rosetta's, which served vegan fare that was quite good. I'm not sold on tofu (my flavorbuds weren't sure what to think of tofu, so they thought of chicken while I was eating it, which somehow grossed me out because the texture of tofu is quite different). I also couldn't help but wonder how my fellow diners would feel if they knew Jon and I were planning to raise meat goats.

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dwain said...

I just wanted to let you know that I've read this post several times and smile each time. Though Asheville can be a really cool town, it's definitely saturated with all that is pathetic about neo-hippyism (and old hippyism, for that matter). Free spirits are often just lazy bums, it would seem. Nearby Montreat is a Christian mirror of Asheville, sans the dirty people. It's all about communing with God in nature and finding peace, all of which sounds good on paper but annoys the hell out of me when I'm surrounded by it. It's like the groups of people I saw driving to Bonnaroo in Volvo SUVs and pickup trucks. It's all about personal appearanes.