Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My apologies for a listless blog. Our computer likes to disconnect from the internet at random times without consulting us, which makes posting to this blog a haphazard affair.

Anyways, we got home safe and sound from a whirlwind weekend of family reunions, a wedding, and an 80th birthday gathering for the family matriarch. Dad said this just might be the last time we might see some family members, so that added a weird dimension to it all.

My cousin Julie is a hoot to watch, and fun to be around. During the wedding ceremony, right before the ring exchange, she paused to hike up her strapless gown. At another point, while stepping down from the candle-lighting, she swayed with her arms out wide for balance. She told me later at the reception she didn't care whether her dress got dirty. Not your typical bride!


dwain said...

Glad you're still around in the blog world! It's the only way I keep up with you, sadly. I know that it was incredibly gauche of me to hint at having you guys over in July and then never doing it, but Life mucked up our weekends pretty well. It will happen, by the gods!

Isn't it an awkward thing to hear that you may be seeing people who form an integral and seemingly inextricable part of your life for the last time? My father's been saying the same thing about my grandfather, and it places a real emotional burden and responsibility on me that I'm quite sure I don't want!

Laura said...

I've always wished that we had the science of Harry Potter, so I could whisk back home in Illinois, especially with Grandma getting older.
I always feel so guilty living so far away from home, but who knows how life turns out?

I understand about plans and Life...