Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hello. I think I have forgotten about my blog for a while. I guess that's what the holidays do to you.
In a strange twist of events, Jon got a teaching job that he applied for but was turned down because a certified applicant had applied. They offered him an instructional aide position (which is quite beneath his talents--I speak with no bias towards him-- he really does know his science stuff), which he accepted just to get his foot in the door. Then on the very first day of work, within several hours, they offered him a teaching position. How crazy is that?
So it looks like we'll be moving to Wilmore, since W. Jessamine high school is about 4 miles outside of it. We're happy to be getting away from Lexington, but it'll feel a little weird going back to the town where I went to college. I remember the first couple years of not having a car, and just being able to go to Wal-mart in Nicholasville was a treat (even though I was well aware at that time of how ridiculous that was, having been given relative freedom by my parents while in high school--I know Mom is laughing over this right now, but I guess I was a rather boring kid who didn't do much to rile the parents. I don't have any stories to tell that can top those of Sue's).


dwain said...

Good to see you back after a month!

Congratulations to Jon on the new job! Best of luck to him. I am curiuos, though, about why you're "happy to be getting away from Lexington." Why the distaste?

Laura said...

Away from sirens and drunken college students and shifty characters (there was an incident on our street a while back) and traffic and a leaning toilet and an even more leaning living room.

The number one would be traffic on Nicholasville. Jon has to commute to work on it and it's not fun.