Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It always takes a little bit to readjust to school. I have 2 classes within one day, at weird times, so it's impossible to do anything much except wait in between. I'm taking Collection Development and Technical Services.
Professor Carrigan teaches the Collection Development course. He always has fun at the interpreter's expense. He deliberately says "blah blah blah" to see them sign it. You start out with your index fingers pointed out, touching at the tips, other fingers curled in, then move them away from each other while moving them up and down, as if you are illustrating a very pointy mountainrange.
That explanation probably makes no sense, but even non-hard-of-hearing people--once they see the sign--will appreciate it illustrates the concept.

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dwain said...

Like someone directing a miniature band?

I wish I had a webcam to video how stupid I look sitting in front of the screen trying this...