Monday, November 26, 2007

Delicious links

For those of you who have not noticed, take a moment to admire my wonderful, ever changing list of links immediately to the right of this post, titled "my".
These are all websites I've stumbled across in my unending journey through the web and want to find again.

The beauty of is the ability to tag websites with terms you find meaningful. This tagging feature is particularly helpful once your list of websites to find again grows unwieldly (271 websites and counting..yikes!). I've generated my own variety of tag clouds there. Check out my page to get the full effect.

This tool has become very important to me in my work both at EKU and Clark County. There are tons of websites with information on electronic resources and library technology, as well as countless reference tools that I find invaluable. could be a neat tool to add to a library website. Users may appreciate being able to see what their librarians have deemed worthy to bookmark, especially as the wealth of information, both the good and the bad, continues to explode on the web.

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