Monday, December 10, 2007

Podcasting makes me think of aliens

Our next lesson is on podcasting. It looks like there is a lot of cool stuff out there--it's not just music. There's podcasts on just about anything you can think of, even one on homesteading (unfortunately none just on goats--which would be rather weird: what would you talk about?) Entertainment, politics, health, home and garden, you name it, podcasts cover the whole world of information.

I'm going to return to a personal concern of mine, related to the one about youtube: what about hearing impaired people like me? There's not very many podcasts out there than continually provide transcripts for each show. A quick google search (I only looked at the first two pages of results) turned up two podcasts that had transcripts for shows talking about deaf people, which makes sense...but I'm not really that interested in deaf culture, besides the fact that I just happen to be almost deaf.

This doesn't really bother me, as I am a book person and get my current events stuff from watching TV and reading the newspaper, but this is more based on my personality rather than being hearing impaired. What about those deaf people out there who enjoy this kind of stuff?

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