Sunday, February 10, 2008

I just want a good read

A friend introduced me to the reading website Goodreads. You can see that I've added a list of books that I'm currently reading to my sidebar. I'm having too much fun with it, especially categorizing the books I've read so far. My goal is to encapsulate the theme or feel of each book, as this will help with reader's advisory (not that the library does a booming business in that part of reference, but it'd still be nice to appear to be the all-knowing librarian: "Oh, so you want a space-age book that reads like a G.K. Chesterton mystery...?").

I haven't gotten too creative, though my list of shelves is growing. I've created the shelf "mesmerizing" for those books that have stayed with me long after I've read them, either because the prose was incredible, or the story was so real, or it was profoundly affecting. Mesmerizing was the only word I could think of that came close to describing the world-changing feel of these books.

I've just thought of another way to categorize books: character-driven and plot-driven...

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