Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Something unexpected

One day, I walked into the locker room at the gym, expecting little more than the occasional lady here and there stretching or tying her shoelaces.

Instead, I walked into a storm of flesh.

It was nearly an adolescent boy's dream, this riot of flesh, ladies moving to and fro, chatting and laughing as they got ready for work. Through it all, white towels flashed here and there, as quick as lightning, joined by the roar of hair-dryers and the cacophony of feminine voices.

I was dazzled, and not in a good way. A modest person, I unconsciously avert my eyes whenever I encounter someone's nakedness, with the understanding that they will do the same for me. When I encountered this crazy scene, I hardly knew what to do with myself, blinded by this unexpected change from the norm, not knowing where to look, somehow weaving my way to the back.

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dwain said...

I don't know what to do with this post. Do I file it under voyeurism? No, can't do that... What do I do?!