Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's a zoo in here

Salato Wildlife Center is a very pleasant surprise.

--You get to watch two bald eagles sit on their perches, no more than ten feet away.
(What we saw: 1 of them calling out in a weird guttural, trilling voice, perhaps in greeting to us? The other one coughing up something--the motions very similar to a cat)
--You get to watch two black bears lolling around in their lazy glory, grown rather fat (they reminded us of the people from Wall-e)
--You get to see two very shy bobcats (they act like cats, whadya know!)
--If you get there at the right time, you get to see the rat snakes being fed (Jon and I knew it was time to get to their enclosure when all the kids started shrieking)
--You get to see an alligator snapping turtle up close (like the ostrich hiding its head in the sand, the turtle seems to think it disappears when it sticks its head behind a branch, never mind the monstrously sized body that takes up most of the tank)

I'm a sucker for animals. Those bald eagles captured my heart.

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