Sunday, February 21, 2010

Adventures involving snowy trails, icy conditions, and one very large animal

Anglin Falls
Last Monday, after a huge* snowfall in central Kentucky and the closing of both of our schools, J. and I decided to take a winter hike.  We decided on Anglin Falls, a 75 foot waterfall nestled in the secluded John B. Stephenson Memorial Forest State Nature Preserve in Rockcastle County. 

Our drive along the backroads outside Berea illustrated all too well why so many counties in Kentucky close, even after the slightest bit of snowfall (something I, a Northerner, tended to snicker at when I first moved down here).  Steep and winding roads, shaded by trees and steep ravines, makes for some very slick driving conditions.  J. learned, ironically enough, that the best way to go down a steep ice-covered road is to keep moving.  After making the mistake of touching the brakes, the truck wound up in the ditch and seemed determined to return there even after being pulled out by a gracious gentleman.

We made it to Anglin Falls after this little adventure and had a nice little hike up to the icebound falls.
Jon in front of Anglin Falls
It started snowing again while we were up there.  Fat snowflakes filled the air, like a pillow fight gone amok.  Our noses turned red.
Us at Anglin Falls
When we made it back to our truck, we noticed the neighbor's cat, which seemed quite comfortable in spite of the slashing wind and snow, owing to its ample girth.  If you are curious to see just how enormous it was,you can look at the large version of this photograph.
Cat that lives nearby

*for Kentucky

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