Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The ways of Monk

Monk has settled into our household quite thoroughly. 

So far, he has managed to:
  • get on top of just about every surface in the house.  You would think the tops of the kitchen cabinets (at least 4 feet from the countertops) are pretty inaccessible, but not to this lanky daredevil
  • make a toy of anything not tied down (we quickly learned to hide jewelry, pens, and any other oddment)
  • investigate every last accessible square inch of the house, and some not so accessible spots: one day I spotted Monk draped over the handlebars of J.'s bike, hind-legs dangling, as if that precarious spot was his latest hangout
  • make his presence known, such as walking on the keyboard while I'm working on the computer

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