Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cairngorm Hotel and Highland cuisine

Cairngorm Hotel, Aviemore, Scotland
It was easy to imagine that Hector Naismith MacDonald from Monarch of the Glen would walk in at anytime.

We ate dinner a couple of times at Cairngorm Hotel.  How could you resist dining in such surroundings as this?  We don't typically go for stout meat and potatoes fare if there are some ethnic restaurants to choose from, but we had to go back another time.

 When we first walked in, I stopped in my tracks and almost laughed out loud at the amount of plaid competing for attention.  And yet the riot of color and pattern somehow worked. 

Cairngorm Hotel, Aviemore, Scotland
Cairngorm Hotel across from the bus station.  We didn't get to eat in the turret nook on the first floor, unfortunately.

It was Hot Highland Buffet Night on our second trip to the Cairngorm Hotel.  Here are the foods we sampled:
  • Steak mince
  • Haggis (yes, we tried it again!  and still liked it!)
  • Cairngorm stovies
  • Venison casserole
  • Bubblyjock pie (turkey and ham in a pie)
  • Clapshot (potatoes and turnips)
  • Skirlie (onion and oatmeal stuffing)
  • Potatoes Rob Roy (potatoes with black pudding)

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