Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Farewell to the Cairngorms

View from Cairn Eilrig, Cairngorms, Scotland
We bid our farewells to kind Mary and her black lab Poppy.  Cairn Eilrig was the place where we felt most at home.  We looked forward to our afternoon teas in the sitting room, where we could look out over the Cairngorms and visit with Mary.  Mary took very good care of us--not only did she feed us hearty food and provide ample afternoon tea fare, she washed clothes for us and shuttled us to the beginning of our hikes.   

While planning the trip and figuring out how to get from Aviemore, Scotland to Haydon Bridge, England, I noticed that we would have to switch trains in Edinburgh or Glasgow to continue our journey down into England.  We decided to squeeze some sightseeing into the layover in Edinburgh before catching the next train south to England.

This is the great thing about the rail system and the compactness of the United Kingdom - you can quite literally wake up in the Cairngorms, eat lunch in Edinburgh, and take a walk along Hadrian's Wall in the evening (which I'll write about later).

View from Waverley Railway Station, Edinburgh, Scotland
Our first good look at Edinburgh ("Ed-en-burrah" is the correct pronunciation, as Mary pointed out to us during one of our afternoon chats) after disembarking at Waverley StationOld Town looms in the distance.

More pictures from our four hour jaunt around Old Town Edinburgh are coming up...

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