Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ben Nevis on the mind

The countdown begins in earnest: 10 weeks until our trip to Great Britain!

On my thoughts today: Ben Nevis in the Scottish Highlands.
The range of mountains around Ben Nevis

There will probably be lots of cloud when we're there.

I've started increasing my time on the stairclimber in preparation, though I think climbing Ben Nevis will be easier than the stairclimber, simply because the experience will be so much more enjoyable, owing to the incredible scenery. We will be in the open for most, if not all, of the ascent, and the views alone will be plenty of distraction from the burning in my legs.

I have always found that I tire more easily while hiking up a hill under tree-cover, because the view becomes monotonous: you see one tree, you've seen them all. But if I have a view while climbing, I don't feel so fatigued. Your mental state really does come into play during physical exertion.

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