Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day! Now that both sets of parents have sent us Valentine's cards, I suppose that means Jon and I will have to get one for each other.

On Sunday I went to the Lexington Vintage Dance Society's exhibition at Joseph-Beth. They advertised it as romping music from Jane Austen's time, unlike anything we've seen in the movies. It was actually quite enjoyable. The performers were familiar enough with the moves to gracefully fix any errors they made, so the audience didn't have to suffer through that peculiar vicarious embarrassment that one can feel while watching a clumsy performer.


dwain said...

Words cannot begin to describe my amusement. Romping music and Austen are not easily connected thoughts, and to call anything Austen "vintage" is an incredible understatement (what's the opposite of hyperbolic?).

I cannot watch awkward moments in films. I hate it. I loathe it. I cringe, turn away, and sometimes scream obscenities at the implacable screen.

Laura said...

If you've seen the new P&P movie (which I don't think you have), it was dancing like that.
The funniest part was watching the men. They must have been instructed to fawn over the ladies, so one got a real sense of the spouse-hunting business that was going on during balls.