Friday, February 24, 2006

I'm taking a break because the search engines keep freezing up. Isn't technology great?

I'm going home in two weeks for spring break. I think I am going to see about visiting the Marion E. Wade center at Wheaton College to see the papers and miscellena of C.S. Lewis and Tolkien, Sayers and L'Engle, to name a few. I am also going to ask Grandma to give me a knitting lesson. That should supply the two main focuses of my brain, the intellectual and the mindless.

Crocheting is like doing the dishes, or taking a walk--my mind tends to sort and organize my thoughts much more effectively if my body is preoccupied with a repetitive task.


dwain said...

You know, I found a copy of one of L'Engle's books at Friends of the Book Cellar (I think that's the name), and it was signed. A pleasant surprise when I opened it up and saw it cost 25 cents!

There isn't a whole lot at the Wheaton exhibit, but it's still thrilling to see an object that was in the same room as and was touched by such powerfully creative minds. There's a reverence in it as if perhaps some of that power was absorbed into the object itself.

Laura said...

The main draw must be the papers and such they have, but I don't think I could come up with a plausible thesis or book idea so that I could request access to them.
But then again, why I would want to, I don't know. I generally have a hard time getting into compilations of author letters and diaries. Alan Jacobs quoted some stuff out of C.S. Lewis's diaries in his book The Narnian, and it was rather commonplace. I hate to say dull, since most of our lives are rather ordinary, sliced through here and there with extraordinary events. Someone said, "We go off to fight exciting wars so that we can lead boring lives."