Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I've discovered a website that allows one to "catalog" one's books. Check out ozimanndias8's tiny web-library. This is a prelude to an all-out library project I'm considering embarking on--cataloging my own library according to the cataloging standards I'm learning in class. It's a great way to learn by doing.
We just learned how to catalog maps. It's quite fascinating the way Library of Congress allows for a detailed classification of a particular map. You can specify each record all the way down to the type of map it is. You would think that such things as type of map, subject of map (is it topographical or a railroad map?), even the cities within a country, would be a given in map cataloging, but Library of Congress is the only cataloging standard that allows for such detail (as far as I know).

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dwain said...

There's another site that is probably a cheap (Russian) copy of the cataloging site, Reader2.com. You may check out my meager contributions under the name dconfer (I gave up all my grandiose appellations long ago because nobody believed me great). Let me know what you think of your site as you begin your task.