Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Do not eat at Kashmir's.

Jon got salmonella from them and was laid up for a week with severe cramps, losing 9 pounds in 4 days. A friend of his got it as well, and got sick the next day after they ate there. He heard of someone else who also got sick around the same time as they did.
The lady from the health department called him to let him know the results of her investigation. She did a food inspection of Kashmir's and they got a 74. Some of the things she found: their fridge was not kept at the proper temperature, there was no hand soap (this bit makes me recoil), their hood was malfunctioning, and there was an overall sense of "general filth". When she went back, they got an 84. She's going back a 3rd time, and if Kashmir's hasn't improved, they will be shut down.
Food inspection results are published in the Wednesday edition of the newspaper. After what Jon went through, we will be checking it regularly.

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dwain said...

If you haven't tried Tandoor's, you ought to. After catching a film at the dollar theater--which always smells like diapers and pee--head across the street for the best lamb tikka masala.

What an awful experience, by the way. Glad Jon's okay!