Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Jon's Life Adventure Camp reunion was this past weekend. The property is out in the Gorge area, up some winding, pot-holed gravel road past Stanton. We camped behind the trailer of Wolf & Renata Hicks. While giving us a tour, they said that the bathroom inside could be used for number 1, and there was a composting toilet in the back corner for number twos. They get water from a stream that runs out back, but they don't use it for cooking unless it is going to be boiled. It looked like they brought in drinking water. Imagine living a life like that!
The property was cleared of trees, and it looked like nature was waging a war to reclaim it. Any part of the property that wasn't clearcut was swelling with grass and weeds. It seemed like it swelled a bit everytime you blinked.

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