Sunday, September 17, 2006

Our computer does not like secure websites, so writing for this blog isn't the most pleasant experience when an entry gets lost because the computer throws a fit. We probably have a virus somewhere in this thing.

We went to the Gorge this weekend and hiked a 12 mile loop, starting from the Pinch-Em-Tight parking lot and working our way around to Gray's Arch. It was a very pleasant weekend--nice to get away from the city and actually see the Milky Way in the black-blue sky. Gray's Arch is an epic arch that commands the little rhodendrhon-flushed ravine below. Quite neck-achingly impressive.

Jenni finds out the sex of her baby this Wednesday. I'm rooting for a girl. Sue is hoping for a boy. This is war!

A new shop opened up in the old Paisley Peacock space. I ducked inside for a look and was blown away by the cornucopia of lushly colored yarn and knitting books, and other such crafty things. It's called "Rebelle : Reinventing Domesticity." On a side note, another yarn shop opened up on High Street, Magpie Yarns. I can't believe my luck! Lexington went from a city with Michael's and its hideously colored yarns (think UK blue and canary yellow) to having two indie crafty shops with gorgeous yarns.

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