Sunday, August 26, 2007

A birthday

Yesterday was unusually packed full of activity (at least for me).

I woke up fully aware of my dream, which strangely coherent and chronological: we were all part of the Viking expedition to North America, exploring the coast land of Canada with Leif Ericsson.

Jenni, Autumn, & Sue came over in the morning. We went to Magee's for breakfast, chatted and watched Autumn squirming around in her stroller. She started doing seated rows with the plastic thing (whatchamacallit) that you can set sippy-cups and other whatnots on--so determined she was to put it in her mouth (or get her mouth on it).

We toured Waveland, which had the standard dining room with plastic representations of what they might have eaten back then. I always find those kinds of details amusing--like we're all playing make-believe.

After that, it was back to the house for BLTs and Miss Potter for a movie, though Autumn turned out to be the entertainment for us, squirmy little thing so determined to get to the coffee table, or the cat.

She can crawl now--hence the struggle for independence begins.

After that it was dinner with the Edwards, then dessert at the Greek Festival with entertainment provided by girls doing the hora.

Jon and I finished the night on an anti-climatic note looking for an antennae for his truck.

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