Monday, August 13, 2007

The search for feeds

The only search engine for RSS feeds that I actually liked was Technorati. It actually works. I could limit my searches to actual blogs, rather than postings by everyone and his dog about the particular topic I was looking for. The other websites suggested, like Feedster and Syndic8, either froze on me or returned ridiculously long lists of results.
I used Technorati to search for Jane Austen-related blogs. (I just found a blog dedicated to the new movie Becoming Jane--further prove that I am a hopeless Austen addict in Dwain's opinion). This is probably the only time I'll use Technorati--I prefer learning about feeds and websites through word-of-mouth and things I read. I trust those sources more (word-of-mouth always takes you in cool new directions you would never have thought to take).

1 comment:

dwain said...

hopeless indeed! once smitten by jane, it is nigh unto impossible to recover from the infatuation. fortunately for me, i'm quite immune.