Monday, August 27, 2007

Search engine fatigue

Rollyo is a tool that lets you create a search engine that will search only trusted websites on a particular topic of your choosing. All you have to do is add whatever websites you want to a list, name the search engine, and you're good to go. For example, here' s a link to Ainulindalë, which searches several J.R.R. Tolkien-related websites.

We're supposed to create our own search engine, but I have to think about that one; we don't need to add my half-hearted attempt right now. Rollyo seems to work well for those searches that are specific, like the Tolkien example above, or the Mr. Fix-It! search engine. I explored a knitting pattern search engine, and the results were awful--too many blog posts, not enough actual patterns.

For most of the search engines I explored, I kept thinking: I could just google it, and get quicker results! However, Rollyo would work well for people who know exactly what websites they trust and want to search only those, like reference librarians or educators. I personally tend to like the serendipitous nature of google--you just never know what you'll find.

Maybe I'll make a meat goat search engine.

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