Monday, August 20, 2007

The true university of these days is a collection of books.--Thomas Carlyle

I was quite pleased Kelly chose LibraryThing as one of the fun applications for Learning2.0 folks to play with. It's ridiculously fun for us bookish people.
My catalog is still a paltry 10 or so books--I'm sure it's getting quite boring to look at the random selection of books that LibraryThing inserts into my blog--but I plan to change that...when I have time. The limit for books is around 200, then you have to pay a lifetime membership nominal fee for more than that. I have over 1000 books, so I'm not quite sure I want to go that route.
What I love about LibraryThing is the Suggester tool, and its polar opposite, the UnSuggester tool. The Suggester tool is quite obvious--and works quite well, too. Once I start meandering through the links of suggestions, I forget what book started the journey.
For an idea of how the UnSuggester tool works, I input Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, and the list of books that came back included:
-Brothers, we are not professional: a plea to pastors for radical ministry, John Piper
-Greek grammar beyond the basics: an exegetical syntax of the New Testament, Mr. Daniel B. Watson
-More ready than you realize: evangelism as dance in the postmodern matrix, Brian D. McLaren.
I'm a little curious about these results, since I actually own some wonderful books by Brian D. McLaren and <gasp> enjoyed reading them. I suppose they must think that all Christians view fantasy with disdain.

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