Monday, June 29, 2009

Math and Michael Jackson

J. and I don't have any particularly strong connections with Michael Jackson, since he was a bit before our time (Thriller came out when we were babies). But we did start talking about how one can possibly spend over 400 million dollars (MJ died over $400 million in debt).

$5000 we can grasp pretty well: trip to England, new bike for J.
$100,000: pay down mortgage
$200,000: buy a farm

Anything beyond this range exceeds the grasp of my imagination. How do you spend $1 million? $10 million? When I try to think of this as pocket change, which it seems to have been for MJ, I am stymied.

J. calculated that, in order to spend $400 million in 10 years, you would have to spend $3.62 every second, non stop. Without sleeping. That's like buying some outrageous Starbucks concoction every second for 10 years. Yikes.

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