Thursday, June 04, 2009

Water everywhere

Jon and I had a character-building adventure this weekend. We were in south-eastern Ohio for a race. Rather than stay in a hotel, we decided to check out the campground at Lake Alma State Park. We set up the tarp at the edge of the RV city and settled in for the night, cozy atop our blow-up airbed (hey, why not? we didn't have to carry it).

Then the thunderstorm rolled in. Normally, while we're out hiking, we stay pretty dry when it rains, since we can pick spots on elevated terrain, and the ground will absorb the rain. Not so in this campground. The earth was packed so hard, it was like concrete. The rain had nowhere to go, and so the paths through the campground turned into streams, and the campsites turned into little ponds.

We stayed dry on top of the airbed, even as the water started to stream over the plastic tarp on the ground beneath us. It came so quickly, we didn't have a chance to move our bags to safer ground. So our clothes got wet, and our shoes soaked through.

At least it was a warm day, so no worries about catching a chill.

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