Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What's past is past

Things we've done lately:

  • cooked hobo sandwiches in embers from J.'s perpetual woodburning in the back (we have a pile of deadwood to get rid of)
  • planted coneflowers, coreoposis, asters, bee balm, and "oranges and cream" (not sure what the real name is)
  • painted the living room
  • saw the movie "Up," which is really, really good
  • shared a pasta arrabiata dish and chocolate souffle at Bella Notte
  • watched the cats pounce each other
  • competed in a bike race in the Red River Gorge (where J. was disqualified for doing something that protected him and the other riders: classic case of disobeying the letter of the law, but fulfilling the spirit of the law)

1 comment:

dwain said...

I love some of those things! Atonement is marvelous. It's a pity it was made into a film.