Thursday, June 04, 2009

Representations of humanity milling around a furniture store

J. and I stopped at IKEA on our way to his race in southeastern Ohio. IKEA is great for people watching. You see the older couples walking slowly through the bookcases, pondering ways to organize all the stuff they've accumulated over the years. There's also tons of expecting couples (why do all the girls seem to be 8 months pregnant every time I go to IKEA?) who walk around with very serious expressions, quietly debating the merits of this or that piece of furniture. The guy usually looks a little frazzled, while the girl is peacefully serene, off in whatever la-la land they go to when the baby is imminent. Then there's the college aged kids, who come to look and look, but rarely buy anything.

A few people jumped out at me:
--a nun buying blue potholders that perfectly matched her dress
--a group of young German Baptists girls, wearing smart white caps and perfectly handmade dresses in a variety of calico prints
--a wannabe Sid Vicious who graciously looked after his grandmother

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