Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Harry Potter comes out this Friday. Of course we're all excited, but is it because of Harry Potter or Ralph Fiennes?
The desperate housewives is at my house thursday, so I thought I would make a British meal. The recipes are rather eccentric and dull (the British have made an art of it), though the names are funny. "Toad in the hole", "bubble and squeak", "faggots", etc. "Toad" is sausage baked in flour. "Bubble" is just sauteed vegetables. "Faggots" is kidney or liver. I think I will make Shepherd's pie, bubble & squeak, and oat scones, with tea and ale to drink. It might not be so Harry-Potter-esque, but surely the boy who lived ate plain food here and there.


dwain said...

What the...? I'm so confused. Desperate housewives?

In answer to the HP vs. Ralph "God of Beauty" Fiennes... Well, that answers it right there.

Laura said...

sorry, that just refers to the girls night jenni, sue, and i have every thursday. :)

dwain said...

I'm just as confused but a little less intrigued. Is that okay?

By the by, do you think we might get to see Hermione topless at some point in the movie series? If not, could you remind me why I'm watching it? (8