Monday, November 21, 2005

Sometimes I wonder what on earth I'm doing juggling three different bits of work--EPIC, class, & Jo-Beth. Today has been that kind of day where I feel like one of those elderly residents in a nursing home--content to stare vacantly at nothing in particular for a very long time.

"Urban growth", "air pollution", "TMDL", "water quality modeling"--it's all giving me a headache. And then we're onto Library of Congress classification, with all the rules for class, subdivision, further class, book number, auther number, etc., in class. And then the usual customers at Joseph-Beth asking for something for an "8 year old boy," who then reject every SINGLE thing you suggest.

This is one thing holidays are good for--time to sit back and do nothing work related at all.


dwain said...

I was at JB today and looked for you, but ne'er did I find you. Have the happiest of holidays!

Laura said...

You know, I could have sworn I had seen you one Saturday at JB a month or so ago. I guess one starts to doubt appearances when the person hasn't been seen for several years.
happy turkey day!