Friday, November 04, 2005

Jenni asked me how I felt about UK, as compared to Asbury. The question gave me pause--it's not something I've thought about in a while. With UK, I just feel like I am going to work. It's not something I think much about.
Asbury was a community, whether I liked it or not. Oddly enough, the most galling thing about it was curfew. I could handle the snooty kids, or the sheltered ones with fundamentalist upbringings (I hesitate to name them themselves fundamentalists), or chapel (there are only one or two speakers that I can distinctly remember with pleasure--everyone else has quickly faded into obscurity). But to come to a place where you had curfew, when you had grown up with much freedom, was taxing. My parents and I had a good relationship. They trusted me to tell them where I would be and when I would expect to be home. (I know Mom is reading this and wanting to point out that this was all within reason). Asbury made me feel like I was an unruly teenager.
So there's my shallow reason for disliking Asbury.

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