Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Here's a new website that's interesting:
It's the website of Wendy Shalit, who penned "A Return to Modesty", a highly unique perspective in today's times. The postings on the website sometimes seem a little over the top and harsh-but I guess that's because these ladies are striking back at a promiscuous society (sp.) with their own opinions on the way one ought to act. It was rather refreshing to read their take on everything. I like to hear both sides of the argument (even though I am quite obviously on the side of modesty) and hadn't heard enough from the modesty camp lately.
I found this site out through a website about Lauren Winner. Even though the journalist was somewhat derogatory about the site, I was still curious (on a side note, she was quite pleased with Lauren Winner, as I think anyone would be--she's so open and candid about her past and faith without being judgmental, while at the same time quite intellectual and unafraid of the hard questions).

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