Sunday, April 22, 2007

Autumn is starting to figure out that her hands are part of her--that she can actually (somewhat) control them. She had a hold of my finger and decided she wanted to taste it. She furrowed her brow in determination, trying to aim it to her mouth, going cross-eyed in her attempt. I sat there laughing, then realized I was watching the process of her brain neurons firing off new connections.

I tell Jenni she should file away all the 'embarassing' stuff Autumn does so she can tease her when she's a smart-alecky teenager. 1) She is in love with the Lamaze monkey suspended over her carrier. She will stare at it in a trance, smiling and making expressions. We wonder if there is some kind of conversation, one-sided or not, going on... 2) She drools. 3) She passes a lot of gas. 4) She dances to country music.

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