Thursday, April 05, 2007

I'm reading the book "Grave matters: a journey through the modern funeral industry to a natural way of burial" by Mark Harris. (Yes Dwain, I know that makes me Victorian).

I'm only the first chapter in--it's making me think about something I've never really thought about before-- and I'm already wondering what the point of the modern funeral industry is considering that bodies will decompose regardless what we do.

Someone was buried on her rural property in a shroud and nothing more. I can't help but think how nice that sounds.

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dwain said...

As morbid as it may be to read a book about burial, it's definitely been on the mind a lot lately. Seeing how my grandfather was buried amid a flurry of artificiality, I can't help but dream of a peaceful, quiet, small, unofficiated, unembalmed, cheap funeral. There, I said "dream" about my funeral, so I guess I'm Victorian too!