Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's a lot of work to find a place that will take a pet, and not charge an obscene amount of money! I scoured the newspapers, we drove the neighborhoods, and got countless numbers. 90% of them did not allow pets. Jon would ask "Would you allow a cat?" There would a long pause on the other end, and they would say "No." Their pet policy is a guard against dogs, we understand that. But the only thing Pope destroys is our own property, and we've managed to curtail about 99% of that behavior (he'll still scratch the back of the couch if he has excess energy).
Anyways, we may have found a place. It's off South Broadway, just past Virginia Avenue/Red Mile. South Broadway Park is an enclave of mostly Victorian-ish homes that have somehow avoided being torn down. We'll have roughly half the first floor of a large blue Victorian home. There's two bedrooms, and a large living room area with a fireplace and (my favorite) a floor-to-ceiling window in a reading nook-like enclave.

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